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The faculty of an institution that offers a medical education program must define the objectives of its program. The objectives must serve as guides for establishing curriculum content and provide the basis for evaluating the effectiveness of the program.



Objectives for the medical education program as a whole serve as statements of what students are expected to learn or accomplish during the course of the program.

It is expected that the objectives of the medical education program will be formally adopted by the curriculum governance process and the faculty (as a whole or through its recognized representatives). Among those who should also exhibit familiarity with these objectives are the dean and the academic leadership of clinical affiliates who share in the responsibility for delivering the program.

Database Questions

The questions below refer to standards ED-1 and ED-1-A.

  1. Complete the following table showing the general competencies expected of graduates, the educational program (institutional learning) objectives related to each competency, and the outcome measure(s) specifically used to assess achievement of each listed objective. Add rows to the table, as needed.

    General Competency Educational Program Objective(s) Outcome Measure(s)
  2. Describe the medical school’s use of these outcome measures in reaching a summative judgment regarding students’ attainment of each competency.

  3. Indicate the year in which current educational program (institutional learning) objectives were originally adopted and the year in which they were most recently reviewed or revised.

    Year Adopted Year Last Reviewed or Revised
  4. Briefly describe how and by what individuals/groups the educational program objectives are used in curriculum planning and in the initial selection and ongoing review of the content included in the curriculum. Note especially whether the objectives of the individual courses and clerkships have been linked to the educational program objectives and how this linkage is used to determine if appropriate content is being covered in the curriculum.

  5. Briefly describe how the educational program objectives are used in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the educational program as a whole.

See also ED-33 and ED-46.

Self-Study Questions

Describe the level of understanding of the school-wide objectives for the educational program among administrators, faculty members, students, and others in the medical education community. Are these objectives stated in terms that serve as effective guides for educational program planning, student assessment, and program evaluation? Provide evidence that the learning objectives have been used to establish curriculum content and to guide student assessment.

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