Liaison Committee on Medical Education



The objectives of a medical education program must be made known to all medical students and to the faculty, residents, and others with direct responsibilities for medical student education and assessment.


Database Questions

Describe the means by which the general objectives of the educational program (institutional learning objectives) are made known to each of the following:

  1. Medical students

  2. Instructional staff, including course and clerkship rotation directors, full-time and volunteer (community) faculty, graduate students, and resident physicians with responsibility for teaching, assessing, and supervising medical students

  3. The academic leadership of the medical school and its affiliated institutions

See also ED-24.

Self-Study Questions

Describe the level of understanding of the school-wide objectives for the educational program among administrators, faculty members, students, and others in the medical education community. Are these objectives stated in terms that serve as effective guides for educational program planning, student assessment, and program evaluation? Provide evidence that the learning objectives have been used to establish curriculum content and to guide student assessment.

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