Liaison Committee on Medical Education



Pressure for institutional self-financing must not compromise the educational mission of the medical education program or cause it to enroll more medical students than its total resources can accommodate.



Reliance on medical student tuition should not be so great that the quality of the medical education program is compromised by the need to enroll or retain inappropriate numbers of medical students or medical students whose qualifications are substandard.

Database Questions

  1. Briefly describe the extent to which faculty productivity requirements in research or clinical service have affected the medical school’s ability to maintain its commitment to medical student education.  [Refer to the response to standard FA-2 (c) in Section IV: Faculty.]

  2. Describe whether the medical school’s need to generate revenue is affecting decisions related to current and anticipated medical and other student enrollment.

See also Section III, Part A (g. and h.) and FA-2.

Self-Study Questions

Comment on the degree to which pressures to generate revenue (from tuition, patient care, or research) affect the desired balance of activities of faculty members. What mechanisms are in place to protect faculty time to participate in education?

Survey Report Guide

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