Liaison Committee on Medical Education



The manner in which an institution that offers a medical education program is organized, including the responsibilities and privileges of administrative officers, faculty, medical students, and committees must be promulgated in programmatic or institutional bylaws.


Database Questions

  1. Provide a copy of the faculty bylaws that apply to the medical school or the URL of the Web site at which they can be viewed.

  2. Date of the most recent bylaws revision:

  3. Describe the process for approval of bylaws changes.

  4. Briefly describe how the bylaws are made available to the faculty.

Self-Study Questions

Evaluate the role of the governance structure in the administrative functioning of the medical school. Are the medical school or institutional bylaws clear and comprehensive? Is the governance structure appropriate for an institution of this size and these organizational and other characteristics. Does the governance structure facilitate the efficient and effective functioning of the institution, especially related to its medical education program?

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