Liaison Committee on Medical Education



A medical education program should have mechanisms in place to minimize the impact of direct educational expenses on medical student indebtedness.



As key indicators of the medical education program's compliance with this standard, the LCME and the CACMS consider average medical student debt, including the debt of current students and graduates and trends over the past several years; the total number of medical students with scholarship support and average scholarship support per student; the percentage of total financial need supported by institutional and external grants and scholarships; and the presence of activities at the programmatic or institutional levels to enhance scholarship support for medical students. In addition, the LCME and the CACMS will consider the entire range of other activities in which the program could engage (e.g., limiting tuition increases, supporting students in acquiring external financial aid).

Database Questions

  1. For U.S. medical education programs, provide a copy of the medical school’s most recent LCME Part I-B Financial Aid Questionnaire.

  2. Describe current activities at the medical school or the university level to increase the amount and availability of scholarship and grant support for medical students. For example, is there a current fund-raising campaign devoted to increasing scholarship resources? If so, what is the goal of the campaign, its level of success to date, and the timeframe for completion?

  3. Describe other mechanisms that are being used to limit student debt, such as limiting tuition increases.

See also MS-23 and Part A, items (g.) and (h.).

Self-Study Questions

Review the trends in tuition levels in relation to the amount of graduates’ accumulated debt and to the level of financial aid needed and available. Describe the success of efforts to raise funding for scholarships or other sources of financial aid or to limit tuition increases. Is the policy for the refund of tuition, fees, and other allowable payments clear and equitable?

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