Liaison Committee on Medical Education



A medical education program should ensure that its medical students have adequate study space, lounge areas, and personal lockers or other secure storage facilities at each instructional site.


Database Questions

  1. Describe the quantity, quality, and accessibility of medical student study space and lounge, recreation, and relaxation areas at each instructional site/campus. Indicate whether medical students share such space or facilities with students in other programs.

  2. Summarize the storage facilities for medical students’ personal possessions and valuables (e.g., microscopes, computers, wallets/purses, clothing), both at the main or home campus and at other instructional sites/campuses.

  3. Provide data from the AAMC GQ or the AAMC CGQ, the independent student analysis, and or internal school surveys on student satisfaction with secure storage facilities (e.g., lockers), study space, and relaxation space.

Self-Study Questions

Assess the adequacy and quality of student study space, lounge and relaxation areas, and personal storage facilities at all educational sites. Is there sufficient and appropriate student study space?

Survey Report Guide

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