Liaison Committee on Medical Education

Contains information from the following 2013-2014 accreditation documents:

Click on a standard number below to view: (1) the standard text and corresponding annotation, (2) the data collection questions related to that standard, (3) the questions that the institutional self-study committee must address and (4) the findings that survey team members must document in the survey report.

Institutional Setting IS-1, IS-2, IS-3, IS-4, IS-5, IS-6, IS-7, IS-8, IS-9, IS-10
IS-11, IS-12, IS-13, IS-14, IS-14-A, IS-16
Educational Program For the MD Degree ED-1, ED-1-A, ED-2, ED-3, ED-4, ED-5, ED-5-A, ED-6, ED-7, ED-8, ED-9, ED-10
ED-11, ED-12, ED-13, ED-14, ED-15, ED-16, ED-17, ED-17-A, ED-18, ED-19, ED-20
ED-21, ED-22, ED-23, ED-24, ED-25, ED-25-A, ED-26, ED-27, ED-28, ED-29, ED-30
ED-31, ED-32, ED-33, ED-34, ED-35, ED-36, ED-37, ED-38, ED-39, ED-40
ED-41, ED-42, ED-43, ED-44, ED-46, ED-47
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